DETOUR - Rome, Italy - NANOF
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DETOUR – Rome, Italy

Detour, is an American-based company that produces high-quality, location-based travel experiences guided by a GPS-based smartphone app.  We are currently looking for individuals with strong research skills, good storytelling instincts, and a passion for sharing what they love about their city to join our team in Rome and Venice. The Researcher/Associate Producer will be working alongside our Italy Producer to develop and produce immersive audio content that walks travelers with fascinating guides to compelling places in Rome and Venice.  


Detour’s audio experiences are aimed at hip travelers who are looking to explore the hidden gems and unknown stories in cities around the world.  We are NOT a travel guide with facts. Detour’s immersive experiences have strong narrative arcs, cinematic scoring, and make the locations characters in the stories.

Nnoaf / Filippo Macelloni worked as Researcher/Associate Preoducer for the creation of Rome tours of the app.

The Researcher/Associate Producer is responsible for:

  • Supporting the Producer in generating and researching, story ideas for assigned cities.
  • Bringing their own knowledge, passion, and contacts in their city to the table to help generate leads and stories.
  • Outreach to potential subjects, as well as conducting interviews and recording audio in the field.
  • Working with Producer to develop and produce the tours using Detour’s Descript platform.
  • Test walking routes multiple times to check for and troubleshoot issues including, but not limited to, GPS trigger placement, navigational clarity, operating hours for businesses featured on the route, and discrepancies between what sites looked like during research and what they look like currently.
  • Assisting Producer with outreach and coordination between Detour and potential locations and other local stakeholders who might be involved in a given tour.
  • Helping to execute all releases and contracts needed for the tour production.
  • Supporting Producer in securing and managing digital assets for Detour’s “Explore” section related to tour including stills, info on operating hours, etc.

DETOUR - demo clip